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Aesthica :
Acne Treatment
Pore Cleaning
Pigmentation Removal
Remove Freckles
M.C. stem cell
It is a technique of dermal infusion delivery of a special formula medicine to nourish depleted Intra cellular levels.
Rejuvenated Laser
It was designed to combat the effects of aging and damaged skin in s softer, gentle way. During your treatment, light energy is gently delivered through a special hand piece to the targeted area. Levels of energy specific to your treatment are used to maximize your improvement.
D.N.A Firming
This process makes from the right and pure elastin’s percentage, regenerates and replenishes the level elastin in the skin, and this makes it load much younger.
D.N.A Lifting
The oval of the face is reformed. Stimulate the con traction of the muscular filament of the skin with it’s tensor effect.
Laser Lifting
New technique of lifting facial and neck with the combination 3 in 1 technology Radio Frequency , soft Laser and lifting tri polar sending the special heat mass deep into the skin become shorter and tightens. And induce skin cell to produce collagen and new Elastin.
Procedure : Smile line ( naso-labial folds), Frown-line, Corners of mouth line, Chin augmentation, Cheek augmentation, Lip augmentation
Procedure : Crow's feet, Fore head line, Frown line, Under eye line
Lipo-Melt Medicine(oral)
Mixed regimens of western medicine and eastern herbs. Break down the fat and is excreted through bloodstream.
Starvac Treatment
High-tech double roller suction equipment to massage. Non-Invasive option for localized fat, body contouring. Breaking and eliminates the fat cell (stiffness).
Laser Fat Reduction
Laser fat reduction is an advanced laser to treat for Fat Reduction. The light laser targets the fat cells and break down the fat tissue by burning into small molecules (Increase metabolism) which is then excreted by lymphatic drainage.
Body Treatment
Weight Loss
Hair Removal
Hair Loss
Mole, Wart or Tumors
Scar Removal
Bust Friming
Treatment Facial
D.N.A Firming
Rejuvenated Laser
M.C. Stem cell
Remove Freckle
Pigmentation Removal
Eye Treatment
Pore Cleaning
Acne Treatment
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Hair Loss D.N.A Firming
Mole, Wart or Tumors Rejuvenated Laser
Scar Removal M.C. Stem cell
Bust Friming Remove Freckle
  Pigmentation Removal
  Eye Treatment
  Pore Cleaning
  Acne Treatment
Body Facial
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